Nurtured Soul Studios -
Yoga & Barre Since 2011

Our Classes

  1. SoulYin
    SoulYin (or Yin) yoga is the yang (opposite) of the other classes which focuses on the muscles more. SoulYin will deepen your understanding of your Mind.Body.Soul connection through use of slow peaceful music, stretching the connective tissues, muscles, and joints. You will walk out of class relaxed. Use of oils, candles, and dim lighting helps relax the Mind.Body.Soul to receive the fullest benefits of SoulYin. Please bring a mat and water. Namaste'
  2. SoulBarre
    Your Mind.Body.Soul will achieve a full body low impact workout directed towards the thighs, hips, core, and arms. The SoulBarre technique is aimed at toning and strengthening the body while creating long and lean muscles. Please bring socks and water.
  3. SoulSculpt
    This fast paced class designed to tone muscles, build cardio and body strength while using weights. SoulSculpt is meant to help burn calories, kick start your metabolism, and increase endurance. This class is in a heated room. Please bring water, a mat, and a towel for sweat.

Our Benefits

  1. NS2 Technique Benefits
    •Ensure each posture is done safe •Provide modifications •Balance your Mind.Body.Soul
  2. Warm-Up & Cool Downs
    Classes consists of stretching, relaxing, and ridding the mind of the our outside stressors. After sweating for 50 minutes, class begins to cool-down. This helps lower the heart rate, increase flexibility, and improves the overall mind clarity.
  3. Sculpt
    The specific interval and isometric movements while using weights helps tone and sculpt body parts, such as arms/legs depending on teachers' class.
  4. Ab Workouts
    We all are looking for the perfect abs. Toning your abs begins in the kitchen with nutrition. While each class has an ab section, understanding the foods we eat assists in developing a great core.
  5. Infrared Heat
    •Increase flexibility •Improve balance & posture •Improve sleep •Increase endorphins •Reduce inflammation •Detoxify •Re-hydration