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SoulCrew Reviews

  1. "Nurtured Soul Studios is amazing! I have been going since January and have never felt more toned, strong, and confident in myself. Rachel, owner/instructor, is so encouraging! Just when I think I can't do anymore, she is right there pushing me to do one more rep. The sculpt class is my favorite because it incorporates weights and cardio. I used to only be a runner and thought I was in cardio shape but not after taking a few sculpt classes. Boy did it kick my butt! Now after having done a number of those classes I feel like I am getting stronger and stronger every week! If you are looking to try something different in your workout routine I strongly recommend Nurtured Soul Studios!!"
    Andrea H. - 8/15/17
  2. "Amazing instructor! She focuses on the mechanics of doing poses correctly for no injury progress" & "always awesome!"
    Tina C. - 1/8/17 & 8/10/17
  3. "Rachel is an amazing instructor and really focuses on form and technique. truly love working with her"
    Amanda N. - 1/9/17
  4. "This yoga studio is about passion! Loving yourself, loving life, and feeling great about what you can accomplish! When you step inside this studio you see hard work, dedication, and a passion for both the studio, & the students! Rachel the owner and the soul instructor is AMAZING! She has been working hard to get her studio to 100% she truly is your #1 cheerleader! Rachel makes sure that you are well taken care of! She wants you to succeed, and this is shown by everyone's before & after photos! You will be pleasantly surprised to see what she can do for you! Her knowledge & passion is always shown!" You can edit text on your website by double clicking on a text box on your website. Alternatively, when you select a text box a settings menu will appear.
    Jessica L. - 8/15/17