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Sarah...stay at home mom???

A 34 year old married to her best friend, stay-at-home mom of a 3 year old and 9 year old that has an eye for the camera. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She believed she was "in shape" from frequently running, until she began practicing yoga and barre at the studio. We began her journey in January and she attends minimum 3 days a week...she has lost inches and built a ton of confidence and strength!!!

Her goal is to continue to tone and build the "sexy" arms/shoulders and join our 90 day Paleo program coming soon.
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Rachel - Professional desk sitter...???

A 41 year old, professional single female with whom worked in a hectic office to come home and sit on the couch because she is mentally and emotionally exhausted to not do a whole lot, other than flip through the channels until bed. Eating out a lot and packing a "healthy" lunch that maybe you couldn't get to b/c your schedule was too full to even grab a snack is what you do. Emotionally drained from her journey of life, through serious breakups and losing a parent by suicide. Rachel, was beat up and ready to make life whole and complete again. With the help of her friends and neighbor, Rachel choose her health and happiness over other things. She was let go from her Corporate job and continued with yoga and barre daily...

Yes, this picture is of me back in December 2016 where I am clearly unhealthy at 201.9 pounds. Yes, I "own" a yoga studio. The difference here is that the community of mostly women at our studio has helped me find myself again to where I feel comfortable "naked in the mirror" at 170 pounds. The "owning a studio" were the cherry on the top.
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