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Our Pricing

Essentials - AKA. Posture Clinic


Our Essentials program is also known as a posture clinic. This ensures you are safe, comfortable, and confident prior to attending group classes where you can feel lost and intimidated. Our other specialty programs, such as nutrition coaching and one-on-ones are also $65/h. Essentials can be held with you privately or with you and a friend.


Monthly Unlimited - Barre & Yoga Classes

We do require a debit/credit card on file for automatic renewal of your monthly membership for a discounted rate of $99/m (minimum 3 month requirement), or you can pay monthly without the discount of auto renewal for $119. We also offer 5 class non discounted option and 10 class pass discounted to $16/class.

Drop-In Classes


Once you have completed Essentials and graduated, yes we have a graduation, you can drop-in to any barre or yoga classes for $18 OR pick up a 10 class pass for $160 ($16/class).